Welcome to my website. My name’s Simon (Si, to my mates) and I’m a stand up comedian, actor and now a children’s picture book author & illustrator.

I was born in the 80’s in a small coastal town in the North East of England called North Shields. North Shields is the English equivalent of Playa del Inglés, but with significantly more bookies and pound shops.

My professional acting roles (of which there are very few, for reasons you will only find out unless you come to one of my solo stand up shows) are under the name Simon Buglass.  IMDB

I perform stand up comedy for kids under the name Si Hetherington but for adults I use the name Si Buglass. The reasons for keeping the names separate will, once again, only be made clear unless you see one of my live performances. I also occasionally perform stand up comedy as my character act Biscuitz.

My hobbies include chasing pigeons, googling medical conditions to see if I have the symptoms and doing 80s inspired arty stuff (which you can check out on my Insta)

I have a hot wife and two beautiful kids (which you are correct to be dubious about when looking at me).

My first book is a collaberation with my daughter, Isabella. The book is called Colin the Monster and is about a young chap called Colin who has sausage fingers and an onion head (if you haven’t bought a copy yet – GET ONE NOW!). Our next book together is a heartwarming Christmas adventure involving Colin.

My first solo Children’s book will be trying to tackle mental health issues suffered by youngsters. I have suffered from mental health issues myself since a young age and I’d love to be able to potentially help anyone going through similar problems.

If you have any questions for me/just want to say hello, feel free to give me a shout via the contact thingy on this website or hit me up on any of the social media accounts linked above.


Si x